Make a water conservation poster:


  • WHY it is important for us to save water and not use more than we need?
  • HOW can we save water and use it less?
  • Have students draw and/or write about why we should save water and how.
  • Use these images to create a poster or posters with the headings: “Why save water because…” and “We save water by…”.

EXTENSION: Have students explain their posters to other classes.

Keep a water conservation log:

Cut out water droplet pieces of paper. Every day for a week, give each student one drop. Have them color in the drop and write how they saved water that day. At the end of the week, have the students paste or tape the water droplets around the school or in a designated hallway corkboard to show the rest of the school how they too can save water!


Ask families to think about what sink they most often use. Have them place a chart to add a tally every time they use that sink in one day.

They can work together to fill out the below information:

How many times is water taken from this sink in one day: ___________________

For one week: Take that original number ____________ x 7 = __________________

For one month: Take that original number ____________ x 30 = __________________

For one year: Take that original number ____________ x 365 = __________________


Were there any times that we did not need to use the sink? Did we ever leave the sink running even though we were not using the water? The average person living in Africa uses 5 gallons of water each day. How many gallons do we think we used?

Brainstorm together ways we can use the sink less often.