Teach your class the following prayer

with hand motions

(based on Psalm 104:10-14)

God our Creator gave us water.

(Hold out hands as if catching raindrops.)

We need water to drink.

(Curl hands as if gripping a glass and then drink.)

We use water to grow our food.

(Mime planting seeds, then holding a heavy watering can and water a garden row.)

We use water to stay clean.

(Wash hands and face, brush teeth.)

Thank you, God, for water!

(Use American Sign Language for “thank you”: with the hand open, fingers together, touch the lips, then move hand forward and a little down, palm facing out, as if indicating a person in front of you)


Have students brainstorm appropriate words for writing their own water prayers (examples: thirsty, rain, drink, splash, seeds, river). In partners or groups, have them create prayers with hand motions.