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Mission Matters Live, with Megan Mio

Listen to "Mission Matters Live, with Megan Mio" on Spreaker.

Megan Mio, Director of the Mission Office of the Chicago Archdiocese, explores with her guests how to educate and inspire people to be “on mission” in whatever context they live and work on Mission Matters LIVE!

Megan sits down with Kevin Foy of the Maryknoll Mission Education Team to discuss Discover Your Neighbor. Their new mission engagement resource is sponsored by the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers and has been designed to help Catholic educators transform students into globally-minded missionary disciples, by integrating Maryknoll’s extensive experience in mission all over the world. Listen and consider sharing this podcast with your Catholic school teacher or enrolling your classroom in this FREE resource.

What Are Young People Saying about Mission?

Every year I speak to sophomores at a Catholic high school about mission, and every year they write very thoughtful letters of gratitude. These letters serve as an excellent window into how mission resonates with young people, and how it can enliven the next generation. These young people are not responding to anything special about me as a presenter, but to an encounter with the heart of our tradition, guided by the Holy Spirit.

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Gathered and Sent: Classroom as Small Christian Community

Prayer, liturgy, and contemplation are vital to living the mission: they are the times when we are present to God in order to be present to the world. While all-school masses and liturgies are important means of uniting the community in the Body of Christ, we often neglect to offer students the nourishing experience of small Christian community.

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