“A few years ago, I was in Bolivia helping out at a school and parish in the countryside. Once, I visited a small community of indigenous people, who live in simple houses without running water and sometimes without electricity. As I walked down the hill to the village, the people came outside to welcome me with open arms. Each of the women wore a bright-colored woven blanket, called an aguayo, tied to her back to carry things. The women sat down on the ground and opened these colorful backpacks. To my surprise, they were filled with food to share. We ate with our hands and sat around the food, talking with one another.

“Jesus broke bread with the disciples and said, ‘Do this in memory of me,’ reminding us to be the body of Christ in the world. Christ is the bread of life given to us to share with others. We are a global family united in Christ through communion.” – Fr. Shaun Crumb, M.M.

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