“As a young priest in Manila, Philippines, I was invited by my friend, a local pastor, to visit members of his church. Our visit took us to ‘Smokey Mountain:’ a garbage pile so high it really looked like a mountain. My friend and I carefully navigated the narrow path which led us up to the top of the pile where we were greeted by a family and invited into their home. 

“I watched as the baby crawled on the laminated floor which had been carefully placed upon the rubbish below. I listened to stories about how each day the family worked the pile to recycle items like plastic and metals. I remember the smell; it was so strong that when I returned home, right away I had to wash everything, including my shoes. 

“What I learned from this experience and others I had with my neighbors in the Philippines is the importance of recycling and how often we throw things away that can be recycled and reused with a little bit of work and imagination.” 

Fr. Clyde Phillips, M.M.




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