Every morning as the sun rises Fr. Bob McCahill, M.M. begins his journey of mercy as he travels the roads of Bangladesh on his bicycle seeking out the poor and sick. He says, “anyone who is seriously ill, young and poor, I will help”.

His neighbors will tell Fr. Bob about a sick or child with a disability and he will travel many miles on his bike to visit that child. He explains, “my bicycle is important because it helps me go long distances and people see me and say this old guy is sweating for our kids.”

Fr. Bob takes children once a week by bus to the city to receive medical care.

He says, “I am just trying to show what a Christian is and does. Not that I do it well but I do something, and the Bengalis often say something is better than nothing.

They see that love is the purpose of life and that is what I am trying to teach, the purpose of life is love.”



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