READ the Faith Perspective and Neighbor Focus stories, as well as the quote in What Does the Church Say?

REFLECT: What was one thing you heard from these stories that was important to you? Divide the group into pairs and EXPLAIN: We are going to do interviews. Each person will get a chance to be the interviewer and to be interviewed. When you are being interviewed, you will play the role of Lita from the Neighbor Focus story, imagining how you think she would respond. Begin by each person WRITING at least ve questions to be used when you are interviewing Lita. Remember, a good interview gets people to share about their feelings, including their fears.

ROLE PLAY THE INTERVIEWS in front of the class using your written questions. As you listen to Lita, interviewers may ask follow-up questions based on what they heard. IN A LARGE GROUP, ASK: What role did listening play in this activity? Give examples of interviewers who listened well and followed up with questions. Both James and Pope Francis emphasized the importance of listening to the survivors of human trafficking. What did you learn in this listening exercise that helps you understand better why listening to others is so important?



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