​The Mua Hills Girls High School in Machakos, Kenya, was in danger of closing due to lack of water. With 440 girls attending the boarding school on a remote hilltop 50 miles from Nairobi, water was severely limited. The school had an old pump at a spring in the valley to send up water, but it kept breaking down.

​From June to September-the dry season-the school would run out of water and have to pay to truck it in. Together and with the help of Maryknoll Father John Lange, the school repaired the old pump, added a new pump as a backup and installed a large system for collecting rainwater from the roofs of the school buildings.

​The impact of human-caused climate change can make rain patterns unpredictable and access to water difficult. Nearly two-thirds of laborers on the continent of Africa work on small farms and depend on the rains to survive.