OBJECTIVE: Students will consider how others discovered their call to go forth as missionary disciples and discern how God calls them to go forth today.

DRAW: Think of someone in our world, history, or your life who you look up too, or think has done something very special in their life.  Draw a picture of what that person does or says that you think is good. Make sure your drawing has pictures of things that you would like to do that this person does to be a good person.   

IN A GROUP, talk about the examples of people that we look up too and what you can do to be a good person and help others.  


“Every one of us has something special God asks us to do. We need to help each other find out what that is,” says Maryknoll Father Daniel Kim.  Fr. Kim’s mother helped him. She taught him about St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the patron saint of missionaries. St. Thérèse said that we can share God’s love through everyday acts of kindness. “A missionary,” explains Fr. Kim, “is someone who shows the love of God through caring for others.”

Before Fr. Kim became a priest, he saw someone hurt someone else.  When that happened he decided he needed to do something to help other people.  He knew then that God wanted him to find a way to care for others. Then he met a Maryknoll priest who helped him find what God was asking him to do, which was to become a missionary priest. “I am happy when I see the love the Maryknoll Missioners have for their work,” he says, “and how they share God’s love with the people whom they care for, especially the people that others treat badly or ignore.  When I saw how they cared for others I knew that God wanted me to do that too.


  • How did the people Fr. Kim looked up to help him find what God was asking him to do?
  • Who are the people in your life that others treat badly or ignore?  How can you care for them and include them?