OBJECTIVEStudents will consider how others discovered their call to go forth as missionary disciples and discern how God calls them to go forth today. 

JOURNAL: Think of someone in our world, history, or your life who inspires you. What does this person believe in or stand for? What does this person do or say that shows what they believe? 

IN A GROUP, discuss your own values. Create a list of ten values that are important to live by. EXTENSION: Rank the values from most to least important.  READ FAITH PERSPECTIVE. DISCUSS: What do you think Fr. Kim believes in or stands for? What are his values? What people and events helped him discover these values? How? How does his faith and relationship with God help him understand his calling? 

READ NEIGHBOR FOCUS. DISCUSS: What experiences helped Sr. Pham discover how God is calling her to mission? Why do you think she chooses to serve as a missionary disciple? How would you describe her relationship with God? 

IMAGINE yourself looking out the window onto the world. What do you see that inspires you? How are people helping one another? What do you see that concerns you? Who is hurting, ignored, or in need? Imagine yourself in the picture, as well: What are you doing? CREATE A PICTURE of what you imagined. WRITE an explanation of your image that addresses the following: 1) Who and what did you draw? Why? 2) What values do you hope to bring forth into the world? Why does the world need these values? 3) How do you feel called to share God’s love in the world? Where and to whom will you go forth? 

EXTENSION: Create a Go Forth Art Exhibit. Hang your artwork and explanations in a hallway or classroom and invite others to view your work. Stand next to your picture and explain how you feel called to share God’s love in the world. Share pictures of your work on social media. #DiscoverYourNeighbor