READ the FAITH and NEIGHBOR PERSPECTIVE articles to see how groups in Chicago and Kenya created safe spaces.

DISCUSS: The youth in Chicago describe their group as a “SAFE SPACE” where they can be heard and accepted.  How would you define the expression “safe space”? What are ways that a group can create a “safe space” where everyone can be themselves? 

Break into small groups and DESIGN blueprints that could be used to BUILD a safe space where teens in your community could find peace and acceptance. CONSIDER where it could be located and how you want the place to look and feel. Include rules for how people should behave and communicate, etc.. PRESENT the blueprints.  DECIDE if the group/class would like to move forward with any of the ideas presented. 

Or: INSTRUCT the students to take a 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper and divide it into 4 sections.  WRITE one of the following questions in each section: 

  1. What about a space makes you feel safe or unsafe?  
  2. How do people communicate in a safe place?
  3. What emotions do you have in a safe place?
  4. What can you do to make others feel safe?  

On popsicle sticks have them LABEL the sticks with one word from their answers on each stick. Have each student BUILD a safe place structure from the sticks and then PRESENT to the group.



Download the COMPLETE 2020 Go Forth Educator’s Guide.

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