We are one human family. Pope Francis reminds us that we must care for that family by working for the common good. During Lent, we pray, fast, and give as acts of solidarity with others in need. (Learn more about these practices below.)

PRAY: Each week during Lent, find a news story about people in need around the world.  Create a sacred space to collect the stories in the classroom and pray for their needs together.

FAST: Create a two-column chart to record what you eat and drink in a week. Write healthy items in the first column and unhealthy items in the second. During Lent, fast by only eating healthy items. (Or take a break each day from social media or television, and instead use that time doing community service or praying about people whose needs you can help meet.)

GIVE: Choose a snack or drink item that you regularly purchase to give up for Lent. Collect the money you would have spent and donate to a project serving people in need.

DISCUSS: How has praying, fasting and giving changed how you think and feel? How has it affected your relationship with God? With others?


Although always good practices throughout the year, we are reminded during Lent in Matthew Chapter 6 of the time tested exercises of fasting, giving alms and praying.  

Fasting reminds us of our of dependence on God and brings us into solidarity with the poor.  

Giving (sharing our resources with others) is a practical act of solidarity with others in need.  

Prayer helps remind us to listen to God, because it is God’s mission of love in which we are called to participate.