During the Easter season, we reflect on our call to share God’s love, especially with those we exclude, reject, and ignore. This is the mission that Jesus passes on to us in love.

Think of a classmate you would typically choose as a partner. Imagine walking to their desk. Now, look around the room and notice all of the people you would have passed by. ON AN INDEX CARD, list 3 to 5 classmates you rarely choose as partners (teachers will collect your cards). Each week, WRITE A JOURNAL REFLECTION about two things that you are glad happened in your life in the past week, and one thing you wished had not happened. DISCUSS what you wrote with a new partner each week from the list you created: Why are you grateful for the first two experiences? What can you learn from the third experience? 

DISCUSS AS A CLASS: What changes have you noticed since you began partnering with new people each week? Do you feel any differently? Do you notice any changes in how people treat each other? 

BRAINSTORM TOGETHER: Who are the people in your community and world that people exclude or ignore? Create a class list of ways you can go forth to share God’s love with them. (EXTENSION: Each week, put a sticker next to one item on the list that you commit to try. Discuss the joys and challenges you experienced.)