Check out the air quality of your area using the Environmental Protection Agency website index.

Our Carbon Footprint is the measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide that we produce in our daily activities. Our Carbon Handprint is a tool we can use to determine how our actions are positively impacting the environment.

Take the Quiz below by circling activities you are doing and identify activities you plan on doing in the future that will have a positive impact on air quality.

Transportation: walk, bike, carpool, take the bus

Waste: recycle, avoid using plastic, use reusable containers for lunch & take-out

Water: save water, use a reusable water bottle, take short showers

Home: turn off lights, unplug electronics, grow a garden

Food: buy local food, eat vegetarian, eat most meals at home

OUTLINE your hand on a piece of paper. Choose one color of ink and WRITE all the things you’re currently doing to positively impact our environment. Choose another color of ink and write in the activities you commit to do in the future. Note: Be creative! Add more items than found on this quiz.



Download the COMPLETE 2019 Care of Creation Educator’s Guide.