WATCH these videos Go Beyond Hello and Parents and Kids talk about Homelessness. “Go Beyond Hello” shares a story of students encountering people experiencing homelessness and finding ways to connect with them and their stories. The second video has kids sharing their stories of living without a home.

During Lent Catholics are invited to Pray, Fast, and Give Alms.

This Lent PRAY for children and families experiencing homelessness.

CREATE; a ritual to pray for this special intention. i.e. Take a pillowcase and a sharpie and each day write a short prayer on it for those who do not have a place to lay their heads tonight.

FAST from ignoring or judging those who are without a home. Find ways to get to know their stories and them as individuals.

GIVE of yourself by sacrificing something important to you. Learn about local efforts to help the homeless and find out what you can do to help. For example: avoid eating out. Save the money you would have spent and give it to children in agencies in your community.

Ask what the families need and be creative. Perhaps buy a gift card to where you would have had your meal and give it to a family so they can eat out.



Download the COMPLETE 2020 Economic Justice Educator’s Guide.

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