EXPLAIN to the students that together you are going to CREATE a Kindness Campaign. BRAINSTORM asking the students to make a list of how they and fellow students could live boldly as missionary disciples acting with courage and kindness.

Break the class into groups and have them create ROLE-PLAYS. INSTRUCT the groups to design their role-plays showing how a middle school student could live with courage and kindness in their school, church, neighborhood and/or the world. You can give each group one of the areas listed or let them choose one. DISCUSS from the role-plays: Was there an idea or action the class would like to incorporate into their Kindness Campaign?

ASSIGN the students with the task to DEVELOP A PLAN with ways that they will begin to be intentional and bold about showing kindness. The plan should include who, what, where, when, and how they will start; and what they need to begin: i.e. paper for a card, time, help from another, etc. Some ideas of a campaign could be to partner up with students from your class or even from another class or school and practice random acts of kindness toward them; make cards for a local nursing home; assign the students buddies to help mentor younger students; have the students clean instead of leaving it for janitors, etc. 

DESIGN together how you can EVALUATE if the campaign is working. I.e., Make a board where students can write where they have seen or experienced kindness, or have a classroom check-ins each day, etc.



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